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Features: Elaborate

5th June 2010, 22:39

Map has obviously been influenced by Yuurepoer and Brudi towers in my opinion, but you added your elements too so as an overall I would say gj
Downloads: 1284
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Features: None

1st June 2010, 01:54

Keep on making these dude. Decent big rr and tower maps aren't very easy to create so they are always welcome and never too many :) Peace...
Downloads: 1404
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22nd May 2010, 03:17

GJ with this one too..Yes the last fly is a tough bit but it works even with TS off, even playing from a netbook ;P.Check your priv messages dude ;)
Downloads: 1391
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Features: None

19th May 2010, 13:46

As you say linear is not resulting in boringness (for me) but in losing my way very often xD A compass would be handy or some arrows in map pointing to the finish^^ gj anyway. I like style of you...
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Features: None

17th May 2010, 00:09

I like WxW-ish shoppers.. gj :)
Downloads: 1434
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10th May 2010, 23:13

About map: Its quite simple (nothing wrong with that) but plays well, so... gj scarface!! xD
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5th May 2010, 21:03

cool map :)
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23rd April 2010, 10:14

I like it... Simple map which is cool and plays fine. Colors are very nice :)
Downloads: 4142
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate

25th March 2010, 02:00

gj I like the end :)
Downloads: 688
Comments: 9 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics

19th March 2010, 02:09

Dammit! Great graphics... Could you do a tower using them? Not that I 'm not thankful with your work so far... :D
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