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Cross roadS by scarface011606

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 4000 x 6000, 906KB

Tags: cross roads, quick race, big, open, scarface



map size 4000x6000
difficulty completing map 3/10........10/10 being hardest >.<

start on either side at the bottom, they meet same spot eventually;
map is good for 1v1, placing worms on opposite sides- players will meet at cross road.....race to finish together from there
(more teams wouldn't take away from game, just remember to use one worm so start doesn't get crowded and yall be fine :)

map plays fairly quick, good for warming up for a tower or RR, or good just for a quick race ; D
Only one plop to watch out for at very start

Too make more interesting turn time shouldn't be more than 20 secs; one worm; no teleports; no bananas, mines, grenades (etc....) to give you retreat time.....just infinite rope and parachutes

gL & hF

Added on: 31st May 2010, 00:22
Downloads: 1286

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Worth: 3 EXP

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