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Been around for over two years now I guess. Started in WWP, hanging around a half-dead irc with a handful of others waiting for someone who could host to come along. Founded a clan, moved to W:A, made a whole lot of friends and enemies along the way. BTS is dead now too, though our site is still hanging there in limbo. As far as the community goes I'm pretty inactive now. I was into roping for a long time, but now I just play Hysteria with a couple of friends every other night. I'm also on the PX team with some awesome people (and some crappy ones) which ensures an exciting future for W:A, so I don't intend to leave anytime soon. I've never considered WMDB to be very well-run or appealing in any way, but now that PX 0.8.0 has been released I thought I should make an account to put the first PX maps up for the public, since this site is used the most. I'll also dump a whole load of stuff that I made previously (though it'll probably look embarrassingly poor in hindsight.)

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