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Downloads: 59
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: None

1st August 2020, 06:58

#FoxHound wrote : thanks, although I am not sure uf creating dud mine is simple enough, so in order to play we dont have to rh all the time, #sHaDoWMaN wrote: about empty spot that is how i inten...
Downloads: 37
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Not-so-good graphics

8th July 2019, 10:10

A very nice board debut!
Downloads: 63
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: None

30th August 2018, 13:42

Here is little tutorial about the scheme, there is not included one addidtional rule that is : 2 different weapons in 1 turn. I hope this quick tutorial is clear enough. further questions please in...
Downloads: 128
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Themed, Sprites

15th August 2018, 15:48

nope, it has to be one perfect jump i guess... yes i admit its an evil jump so i tried make next ones easier... hopefully those maps ll be enjoyed and make lots fun, also thanks its way more motiva...
Downloads: 159
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Themed, Sprites

21st April 2018, 08:09

Thank you, also big thanks for all instructions and suggestions, you really helped a lot to make those maps.
Downloads: 367
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: None

29th December 2017, 13:55

Great scheme! I must say that is a great rushy quick action tactic stuff, high credit from me!
Downloads: 281
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Original

30th November 2017, 21:00

Geez... you are a sadist, that's hella tough tasks, I love idea though,I d love testing it too to make sure I understood tasks well. Great Job!
Downloads: 175
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Themed, Sprites

4th November 2017, 18:02

thanks guys, very much appreciated, I hope it won't look so bad in testing since I am not sure myself if i put some things clear enough.. and yes.. spring games are in plans but I think it won...
Downloads: 252
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original, Sprites

2nd November 2017, 08:46

well... my generall doubt is about "move out from here to take a crate" and how to do so, can i just teleport to crate or..? since there is only crate there it seems not clear for me and ...
Downloads: 199
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: Sprites

23rd September 2017, 18:03

Bit late for winter's isnt it?.. at least by calendar, well.. thank you for kind words... hopefully there won't be so much things to fix here.. and yup... look forward to play this one with...
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