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Downloads: 1659
Comments: 12 (read/write)
Features: None

3rd October 2011, 23:51

Downloads: 1825
Comments: 8 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate

3rd October 2011, 23:45

ima play it!
Downloads: 997
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Remix, Sprites

23rd August 2011, 16:14

Hmm Ok map
Downloads: 1335
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Sprites

23rd August 2011, 02:59

nice playable map... cool sprites, i would have done those stairs parts a bit more difficult. Gj tho :)
Downloads: 1140
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: None

23rd August 2011, 02:40

Hmm... i was thinking.. if you had the Evolution idea, why not think about a map that "evolves" meanwhile you go trough it?? this is just a example tough, i mean: in my opinion you should...
Downloads: 1099
Comments: 5 (read/write)
Features: None

21st August 2011, 22:02

Shape looks quite good! ima download it and play it! ;) good job my son
Downloads: 4389
Comments: 22 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original

20th August 2011, 18:46

What to say.. what to say... You Don't stop man ^^ I'd think BigRR is a synonim of YuurePoer
Downloads: 2752
Comments: 9 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Themed, Sprites

20th August 2011, 18:45

Love Tetris! Very good job SiD
Downloads: 2868
Comments: 6 (read/write)
Features: Original

20th August 2011, 18:43

Good Job Son!
Downloads: 161
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Unimaginative, Themed, Sprites

2nd August 2011, 03:46

Hey thanks for the feedback Mazinger, ill try that out!
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