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What is the features and how can it improve the WMDB browsing experience?

Remember the John maps? Lots of people complained about them. I thought they were funny. But one thing we all know: John made them in two minutes in mspaint.exe on midnight while being intoxicated on something very, very weird. We would all tag that map as "clumsy" right? Well that's what we can do now. We (the admins) can set properties, I call them "features" to maps. We do this through the review system.

Okay, so tell me more about these features

Here they are, just some short definitions:
  • Elaborate: 1. Planned or executed with painstaking attention to numerous parts or details. 2. Intricate and rich in detail.
  • Clumsy: Awkwardly constructed. (JOOOHN!)
  • Good graphics/Not-so-good graphics: Are the graphics well done and appealing? No offence if you've been tagged "Not-so-good". Work on it! We're waiting for your new masterpiece!
  • Originality - Original or Unimaginative: Just think of all those Dogma City Shopper remixes...
  • Space - Open or tight: This is especially useful for RR's
  • Themed: Is the map about a movie, videogame, celebrity? Well then we'll tag it as "themed"
  • Sprites: Every map which uses sprites from a game will be given this feature.
  • Remix: Is this a remix?
  • Adult: Does this map contain nudity?

What you can do with them

Well, the most important thing you can do with them, is browse for maps which have certain features. You do this by clicking on the "with features" link on the map page.

That's it! We hope this is useful to you.