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Shopper World by Kirill-Gamer

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 15368 x 6976, 10786KB

Tags: sprites, sonic, brr, shoppers



I decided to make brr from the 80 most popular shopper maps. And this huge map turned out, dipping you into the era of the shopper.
The authors of these wonderful maps:AnAmAt, Anamat, AngelTimi88, baka, D1KSQu4D, dimitris, Djoszee, doben, Dreadson, DrunkeNDrummeR, edocon, ESR, FFie, FiJer, Fix, Happyd, hotButta, Indi, JaCkO, Jehuty, Kilgore, Kosio0, l2azz, LiquidFire, llChuteSllT17ll, MadMaxNotWorthy, Marley, PigL3t, Rafcor, raffie, Shadey, ShOwTiMe, Shy, Sic0xGIT, silverskale, skyldhotbutta, StarJustice, StarWORxMxS, xDMxEVILxBUNNYx, xEMFxEmnef, xMinix, xWANxRafcor, xxPogUISxx.

Added on: 28th May 2022, 12:36
Downloads: 54

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Worth: 3 EXP

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