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Cloudy Sea by oScarDiAnno

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Type: Mole Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 317KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: Painting, Landscape, Fantasy



The sea looks fluffy, doesn't it? But I'd still advice you to prevent your worms from plopping, though...

I've included my own variation of the scheme in case you want to use it, it's basically FMA's Pro Mole with a water rise of 13px, instead of 5px which is too slow, and not 20px which gets way too fast. IMO this is better for slighty more casual playing (so that the game doesn't have a very slow rhythm but you don't feel so hurried on) yet preserving the "pro" set of weapons and settings.
Aside from that, normal banana power (3), girder range power 3, 8 seconds of retreat and no super weapons.

The picture for this map was taken from Zary-CZ on DeviantArt:

Added on: 25th December 2020, 22:10
Downloads: 47

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Worth: 2 EXP

Features: Unimaginative. (complain/suggest)