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eye to eye fly (version 2) by WillyWonka

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Type: Fly Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 27KB

Tags: flyshopper, flyshoppa, ball-to-ball



Fly over the top twice or through the middle once. You can do the usual bouncing-off-a-wall to fly or you can try the hang-from-a-ball-and-swing method. Both are pretty fun.

This builds off of the prior version [1]. Again, thanks to yuurepoer for inspiration with their ball-to-ball flyshoppers. [2] [3] Also, thanks to Gnork for making the MysticCastle DoubleFly map [4] which inspired this the fly-twice-above-or-once-below idea.

And thanks to PastaAlDente for all the playtesting.

[1] #38445
[2] #11024
[3] #34781
[4] #6806

Added on: 28th October 2020, 03:51
Downloads: 31

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Worth: 3 EXP

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