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The Simpson's big RR Challenge by xDNCxGhost64x

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 12800 x 9400, 3657KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: big rr, simpsons, challenge



There's a long time I wanted to do that map, and I finaly did it :)
(it's probably the map I spent the most time to do)

I dedicace that map to best big rr / towers map makers ;)
(names on the map)

It's NOT A HARD MAP like my usal maps, but a challenging one.

Some parts will need to hurry up, some will need to think a bit, but all of them are possible even without drop a banana.

Use a classic scheme, with 1 worm, teleport and chute !

Playing time: about 12-14 minutes / player

p.s. the maze looks insane but don't wory, as said it's not hard, just challenging, different ways possibles ;)

Njoy All !

Added on: 5th March 2018, 10:38
Downloads: 291

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Worth: 3 EXP

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