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Afro-American RR by Skum, eNfOrCeR

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 9280 x 3880, 4398KB

Tags: chocolate, international, blackONblack, C(RR)sf II


 10.00 (4)
 10.00 (4)
 10.00 (3)

This is fucking fucksome.
Warning! THis map is so much black that looking at it too much may cause a very weird feeling followed by pain in the bottom part of your back called "butthurt". But as you all know:
nobody gives a shit
If you are a sensitive and vulnerable nature and have a skin color darker than #664422, then immediantly close this window. Thanks.

You might wonder why is this small map so fabulously heavy and expensive(over4 mb)??? CUZ IT'S FKIN PURE 100% BLACK ROPE racy, DID YOU EXPECT THAT BEING CHEAP, DAMN RACIST!!!!!!??????!!1!!?????!!111!!1???

actually this map supposed to be "special made for EnFO" (he would love it xDDDDDDDddd), but since i havnt seen him for over half year - had to post it before showing hum :(((99
(if anybody see him, plz tell him he is a damn WAquitter nigga x)

Added on: 22nd February 2014, 18:43
Downloads: 256

Comments: 21 (read/write)

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Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Adult. (complain/suggest)