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Christmas Box bigRR by Skum

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 8168 x 8000, 1789KB

Tags: C(RR)sf III


 9.40 (5)
 9.40 (5)
 9.50 (4)

Happy ChristMass and Merry new year, fuckas :D

since i had a 2years tradition to make some new year themed maps (2013, 2012), but i was too lazy not in mood to create something cool - i created this simple yet detailed (100% self made) map - a christmas box with candy walls with over9000 cool effects - gradients, fake 3d looking, 96 colors (pretty ok blue background) and noticable dither.
Comparing to 2 prev map, this1 was made not in enjoyable style, but in straight classic linear style mostly for oldfagz. NJoy.
upper part inspired(stolen) from this pic

also thanks to mASTA for testing i ^^6

Added on: 1st January 2014, 00:00
Downloads: 1255

Comments: 10 (read/write)

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Good graphics, Themed. (complain/suggest)