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Multi Terrain Objects by FoxHound

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Type: Other
Size: 1920 x 696, 92KB

Tags: cavern, cave, border, RnC, shopper, shoppa, normal

This map has several map objects from different terrains. I was inspired in Ropes and Crates (a.k.a. Crate Collector) scheme from WWP, which is played in cavern maps. It was made thinking in Shopper, but the map can be used for Normal and other schemes.

Map info:

-Made using WA Map Editor and Microsoft Paint
-64 colors (using GIMP to do this)
-Fruits Background
-WA Sprites (via SpriteEddy program)

Added on: 11th December 2013, 03:58
Downloads: 84

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Features: Unreviewed.

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