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w5w tEC Series map #1 (mappack) by Skum

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Type: WxW Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 56KB

Tags: the, Extended, Classics, (WXW)sf III


 7.50 (6)
 5.83 (6)
 7.40 (5)

well, I was planning to make the wxw map pack for already loong time... I was always failing..
I decided another way, i will do a map pack not in 1 file, but i will post the maps like this1, with the same graphics and base, but in different layout ^^ (if you, people, support me by agreements ;)

Those will be sweet, decent map with clear playability and regular size for pros and for noobs. The extended classic, if to be short.
(this1 map is quite hard)

I've also thought - here might be some noob map maker maps, who has no idea how to make the map, or just the people who is too lazy to do that; so, i decided, if some1 wish, I will make a map by order! ^.^ for that Just show me the map layout you wanna see on the followed link (layout.PNG), and reupload that image on some file/photo sharer.
Or just, please, make some critics/suggesting according to this map - maybe it's better to make ploppy maps? Or with open roof? Or just delete/add some details?..

I hope some1 will be interested in that deal.
That's some kind of my present for roping lovaz ;]
HF and HH.

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Added on: 24th December 2012, 19:50
Downloads: 115

Comments: 14 (read/write)

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Worth: 2 EXP

Features: Unimaginative. (complain/suggest)