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sK POWA by Drumstick

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Type: WxW Shopper
Size: 2128 x 1160, 41KB

Tags: powa, serious, kickers, curve, Inkscape


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Proudly presenting another map made with a clan tag, sK this time.

Map was made using paint(rough sketch), Inkscape (vector editor, for pretty much everything else) and Photoshop(save for webs). Saved in 96 colors. So NP for those who play with background, but the map is best enjoyed with black background. If you find the map is too dark, crank the luminosity to maximum. It looks just fine on my screen, though I tested with other pre-sets and it was indeed dark.

The map is fairly easy, if you start near a wall and have a good run, you should have around 12 seconds left after you touched all walls. I don't see the curves as being a problem, they help if anything.
Spikes slows you down, old news. I suggest fly/scrolls/leap-ins
. The top hides are to use with caution, I also hesitated to add them, kinda breaks the style. As for the bottom, no hole there, ~30 fall damage is enough punishment. I guarantee there will be no crates spawing on top or on the sides.


Added on: 3rd December 2012, 01:40
Downloads: 158

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Worth: 3 EXP

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