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Mega Man Madness by Wyvern

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Type: Battle Race
Size: 912 x 696, 44KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: puzzle, jumps


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Okay, so this map has been lying around on my hard drive since 2007 or so, started it shortly after finishing Yoshi's Merciless Island (#4030). I originally wanted it to be 1920x696 pixels big as well, but somewhere along the road I accidentally dropped all my motivation and it just shattered into dozens of tiny little beetles and skittered out of reach before I could pick it up again.

Aaanyway, the other day Pranksta and ropa somehow got me to play on the unfinished map again and I thought, you're never gonna finish this thing so why don't you just go and wrap it up where it is and be happy with it. At least it'll be out there. So I did that and here it is.

Premise is the same as the Yoshi map, you start on start and finish on finish, and ideally you do that with a scheme with lots of ropes, parachutes, jetpacks, teleports and the like. I attached a suitable scheme, feel free to edit it however you wish. Point of the matter is that you're supposed to figure out which jump to use from which exact position in order to move on. If you skip a jump using tools, you did not finish the map. Use them only to get back to where you already were. If you lose your turn by falling down and end up ahead, you did not make the jump. Every single jump can and must be completed without losing your turn.

Anything else? Well, as you can see, the map is Mega Man X themed. All sprites are from that game, some are edited and a couple tiny custom things have been added to the mix. Oh, and the arrows are from Yoshi's Island for some reason, I only coloured them green. Who knows what Wyv-from-5-years-ago was thinking.

If you were to ask me which map of the two is more difficult, I'll probably say it's Yoshi. But this thing is still a bastard, don't you worry.

So have a go then! I hear Husk has been keeping this kind of challenge alive and for that I applaud thee! This has me hoping that this map won't completely come upon raised eyebrows. Just don't play it as a regular battle race to avoid wrecked keyboards. Cheers!

Added on: 23rd October 2012, 13:36
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