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The Meadows of the Maddest Calf x1 by Asteroid-Rain

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Type: Other
Size: 1200 x 1080, 53KB

Tags: grassland, tree, cow, flower, bush, horns



Type: Intermediate

The psychic worm's important announcement: Fellow wormster, I sense very very malicious vibes approaching. The anti-christ Cow, our worst enemy has been born. If we do not wish to get into trouble, we must leave the inferior mad cows alone and focus on our quest on finding this most diabolic creature roaming the Earthworm-land .
The news has become infamous amongst the contemporary worm-civilization. Welcome to the cow-meadows. You trespassed the territory of mad cows and time is short. Mad cows are unaware of the existence of their Messiah and supporter on the way to world-dominance, what an irony. Your worm-troop has stumbled upon the calf, luckily enough. It is up to you to save the day, and even the whole world. Exterminate this evil incarnate mad cow in the innocent meadows before it becomes dangerous to its surroundings!
A banana bomb into the stomach is what it takes to instantly eradicate the evil, the chaotic, the mad, in its early progress.

Added on: 7th July 2012, 08:41
Downloads: 105

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Worth: 3 EXP

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