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Zone map by OntwerpExpert

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Type: Chamber Shopper
Size: 2480 x 720, 127KB

Tags: zone, map, ontwerp, expert



Zone map for you!

Been thinkin for a while to create a map with zones that have different area's/zones.

The zones are described above with an icon, and do they work! Yea u will plop, flip, be safe and so on ;)

The gun shapes and worm faces are the only I used from others, I edited them and made the rest of this crazy map with Adobe Photoshop.

Anyhow, I drunk some beer and created a epic-wide cartooney map for you to enjoy!

Have funnn

Added on: 7th November 2011, 17:44
Downloads: 439

Comments: 2 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

Features: None. (complain/suggest)