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old style Funky Tower/Big RR by -Katie-

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Type: Tower Race
Size: 2544 x 10496, 1581KB

Tags: tower, Big RR, Funky


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first off... Happy birthday rA'Sheldon!!

Hearing that project X now supports more than 112 colours, i wanted to make a completely grayscale map which goes against my usual colourfulness.. Unfortunately my end product was over 19MB and id forgotten that gray can take up more filesize than colour.

So i set about colouring the map, though still trying to stick to a minimalistic colour spectrum. Didn't turn out 100% as planned and Indexing caused some of the ugly colour bubbles to come up.

Note: not going rainbow was really, really hard! theme is "loud" and old styled" there are sprites of worms doing various things and there are tight and open sections made for all roping styles

Due to being back at school and other things, I wont be making as many maps so i hope you all enjoy this RR/Tower. A lot of time was spent making it and pixel hunting!!

Comments welcome and appreciated! will help to give a decent rating for a change!

As always, best played at 1920x1080 resolution



Added on: 3rd October 2011, 04:27
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