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Super-Glider by Drumstick

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Type: Hang Glider Race
Size: 13440 x 8000, 1424KB

Tags: glider, hang glider, Project X



My first PX map but not the last! Go through the GREEN doors to gain speed; go through the BLUE doors to slow you down before changing direction. The map is possible in one turn, good luck! I included checkpoints but the worms WON'T respawn automatically unless they die. I might upload a scheme soon. For now I suggest you put infinite time on the scheme already provided with PX and disable placement to enable auto-placement.

Note that you do NOT have to go through every door. I suggest that
you skip some
it is more important to gain speed to keep going straight.

Map was made with Inkscape.

GL (for real) & HF (you will)

Added on: 29th August 2011, 20:27
Downloads: 258

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Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Original. (complain/suggest)

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