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PyroMan`s BigRR PX map (v.1.5) by PyroMan

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 7680 x 4176, 3537KB

Tags: px projectX PyroMan Pyro bigrr rr пироман


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Hey everyone!
This 1st time i decide to make a map (actually this is remix, but anyway there are a lot of photoshop work on it), so hope u will enjoy playing it.

Here some tips:
Bismarck`s fly is unusual here, coz as u can find in text on map - u don`t need to use rope to reach that fly. otherwise it will be much harder. But u need good1 fly. So good luck in this.

Also few tricks on map, some hidden teleports and sweet explosions ^^

Thanks for testers of this map. I found and fixed a lot of bug thanks to you guys (names are on map ;))

Njoy it. As always x)

P.S. this is png 24bit. So we can finally see lovely gradients ^^
Good to know that this is 4th px rr map on this site ^^
Maybe some1 will see my map and wanted do another like that or even better, huh? Or remixing well-known nice maps. Lets keep doing cool stuff, guys!


UPDATE: now its version 1.5
Changed weee fly, all weapon now more friendly, climbs more possible, there are no big boom which kills everyone on the map and added weapons after finish, so while ppl will reaching the finish, other guys who made it will have fun ^^
Also added descriptions and alternative help-flyes at hard parts, so u can pass them easely if get bored or tired.

Have fun guys ^^

Added on: 27th August 2011, 19:07
Downloads: 590

Comments: 14 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Remix. (complain/suggest)