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Tricky Bricky Shopper Remix by -Katie-, KeesIe79

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Type: Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 63KB

Tags: tricky, Bricky, Tricky bricky, But no bricky :(




Welcome to the Tricky Bricky map remix.. now for a limited time only; Sans-Bricks : )

The original version was made by KeesIe79 (xSQDxK79x). I found it to be a tight and solid map so i thought i would do a remix.

Could have kept more color information but i was aiming for under 100kb so all could play and enjoy.

*Here is the map original by KeesIe79 :#17481

*And a link to a no sprites Velvetty blue version i have also done:#17721

Njoi ppl



Added on: 30th April 2011, 06:07
Downloads: 378

Comments: 2 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Remix. (complain/suggest)