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Stigmata RR by -Katie-

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 7680 x 3480, 4889KB


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I began making this map at 445pm and its now 736pm (the same day) so thats nearly 3 hours from start to finish. yes its nearly a 5MB file.. deal with it :)

put on the censor, just incase its classed as such..

i wanted to create something darker than usual (for me) something fun and quick but not too quick. the newbie eliminator bit (angle bit after soft fly) is rA'yuurepoer origin..

dithering down to 90 C still has it high so... and there are a few bits that could be made a little better, but im scared i might like well, i might work and work and work on it and then it loses what it was (of that makes sense)

throwing dwn the gauntlet to anyone who neg comments without reading the description..i love constructive criticism, but im getting tired of silly people who:
1. haven't played the map.
2. ignore the map description.. My msg to u is...Do better in the same timeframe. damn straight im moody about it...well maybe not so much moody, more like tired..

i tested it and all works perfectly, and like as always, best played with black BG and at 1920x1080 because resolutions lower make it look foogly

this map is dedicated to all the ropers out there who don't/can't make maps and who like to keep to themselves <3



Added on: 28th April 2011, 09:51
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