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refragX by bock

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Type: Tower Race
Size: 6000 x 24000, 2517KB

Tags: tower, bigrr, bock, xuliz, big, not easy, hard


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Hey Dudes n Girls.
This is it. The Final Version i said i will release it last weekend. well in the final test i found out (thx 2 chovas and DENnis) that there are BIG shortcuts sometimes, that i dont wantet to have... so i had to overwork the first third and some other smaller parts. The fly is now a bit harder to do but makes a shortcut to the dots impossible (2 me at last xD) and i fixed several pixels i didnt saw befor. Also changed the pattern to a hexagon pattern, looks better than bricks pattern (so i heard). Added even more arrows (you have to thank chovas and DonMega that you dont have to look around anymore, unless you dont follow the arrows. :) Change the Colors to only 1 (RED) maincolor, helped me reducing the colors down to 32. And changed / added / deletet some small stuff you wont realize ;)

This Tower exists like this thanks to this people:

Map Content:
4 Fly's
Multi Way RopeRace
Difficulty Puzzle Parts ;)
Dots n' Arrows
Skill Regulatet Choises (If you're good take the unsecured ways,
if you're not so good take the secured ways.)
// Secured = Mostly Riskfree and slow
//Unsecured = Higher Risks but faster
And some other things you see when you PLAY IT :D

Technical Stuff:
Used Appz: Photoshop and Fireworks CS4
Colors: 32 (Selectiv palette)
0% Dither
Playtime (1 Player): around 30mins
Sizes: see Head of Article

No TS or Batty allowed, RS is allowed.
Do Shortcuts on your own Risk.
I'm take no responsability for any damage on your worms. ;)


Added on: 27th April 2011, 14:19
Downloads: 2171

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Worth: 3 EXP

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