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Ice Cream FlySurfW2W by FoxHound

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Type: Fly Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 40KB

Tags: BIT, Monochrome, WWP, Fly, Surf, W2W, wxw

Fly + Surf + W2W Shopper map. I created it when I was still playing WWP. I just converted the .BIT (monochrome) file to .PNG file.

The rules are:

Fly Before Attack (FBA)
Crate Before Atack (CBA)
Attack From Rope (AFR)
Kill The Leader (KTL)
Walls Before Attack (WBA)
Surf After Attack (SAA)

If you want to play with TestStuff, use the rule SBA (Surf Before Attack) instead of SAA (but you'll need to be VERY fast or you can put more than 30 seconds of time)

Added on: 1st February 2011, 03:17
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