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Project Funky-Cat -JP/Regular/Pod Shopper by -Katie-

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Type: Other
Size: 3840 x 1536, 625KB

Tags: Jetpack, Pod, Shopper, Funky



Hey all

Welcome to Project Funky-Cat

This map is the the 2nd longest ive spent on a map.. Ive been working on for a few months now on and off havn't had much time to really spend hours like usual but yeah

Was designed as a jetpack-Shopper As i havent seen too many of them.. Hopefully this is better than my last JP shopz which was a lil too tight to JP around

Ive just played it a few times and it can actually be a rope game as well. Its playable as a Open-shopper or whatever so maybe classed like a pod-shop .. imnot sure..

I know it looks kinda mirror imagey, but If u look closely you will see all different angles, Colours and slightly different setup on each bit.. This is just to make it fair when worm placing or Auto place Instead of having all the best spots taken by one player..

Yes its colourfull, like all of my maps and there is one um 4 Pixel big little black spot that i cant kill, but shouldn't pose ppl that much of a problem..

Combination Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Hand drawn pieces, With Alot of work with colour FX plugs And NaturFX

Its a fun map to play wether your using a jetpack or a rope or whatever and just use ur imagination : )

Haven't got a scheme attatched sorry, i don't know how to do that yet... Best to play with a black background (Insert key) and the Ho2so4 colour code,, or whatever it is...

Any probs just let me know n ill fix right up

If you like, Plz Comment n share tha <3

Find tha Mouse... Win a prize!!!

Narrr : )


Added on: 3rd October 2010, 10:50
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