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Project Tight RR by -Katie-

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 3840 x 1536, 370KB

Tags: "Rope, Race", ttrr


 8.00 (3)
 8.00 (3)
 8.00 (3)

::::: Project Tight RR:::::

I’m very proud of this map and think that out of all of wmdb this may be the first map of its kind due to the 1/3 Sized tunnels.

These passages make for a nice and tight RR that is a good trainer for newbie’s to RR and good practice and a challenge for the pros. Real pros here will use one space and MS users will be obvious due to the tightness of the tunnels.

After playing a tower map by (might not get the name right- [-Brobadinga- ]) I thought a Small RR that could also count as a TTRR would be good.

On first try without warming it took me 6 minutes to complete and a day later again without warming it took me 5 mins and one second, so it’s plain to see here a warm and skilled roper could complete in 3 and a half minutes or less.

Ideas have been taken from other maps [color=#F00] but no pieces used or taken from anyones mappage
, everything has been re engineered.

-:-------------------Pieces and ideas are as such--------------:-

"Middle far right elevation Colum- Yuurepoer Paper tower sides mid level (although those were a lot longer in width and breadth)

"Tap start -> Fluffy TR: although this map is so tight that tap starting would be quite difficult -> rA`Taz exempted :)

"Bottom left Mexi to under passage - > I can’t remember where I saw this but I haven’t played the map I saw it on, might have been from a Vid on YouTube:

So yeah there u have it. Along with my Usual funky colours and clan adverts and A Art Nuevo Lady as per my RR's another Difficult but interesting map brought to you by rA`xKatiex

-Again please look at map at fullscreen as Preveiw makes it look foogly-

Njoi :)


Added on: 11th July 2010, 09:53
Downloads: 2882

Comments: 3 (read/write)

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Good graphics. (complain/suggest)