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L33t Super Shopper by -Katie-

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Type: Shopper
Size: 3840 x 1536, 318KB

Tags: Shopper, Supershopper, Wormkit



Hey all

This map is a Super shopper map, Meaning its large and has lots of play. This map has been tested for any probs and come back all good.
Also nice file size of 318Kb compared to the original Non Png 4.25 Mb: ) I would suggest using the Crate finder feature Of WK rubber ( /arrows in the chatbox in game) Download wormkit and asc. modules at :

It is not a replacement for that big uber green sized one, rather a companion :)

Good for 1v1 or Max players



Added on: 22nd May 2010, 19:20
Downloads: 894

Comments: 3 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

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