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Fly-Forts by vaguener2, Doug

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Type: Other
Size: 2800 x 1200, 98KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: Fly, Forts, Rope, Test, Stuff, Teststuff


 4.50 (2)
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 4.00 (1)

Fly forts rule:

Atack only FROM YOUR own fort, jumping from rope and dropin' TNT or mines from the air or from the parachutes (enable test stuff)... you can also hit mines in your own fort with baseball bat and hit enemies.

you can do anything, there's no "cow" for invasion, but u can kill invaders as you wish (only rule is Atack from your own fort).. in this case u don't need to jump, just hit him with baseball bat or anything you like...

Only rule is: Atack from your own fort... use your imagination and HF

Added on: 4th April 2010, 01:10
Downloads: 131

Comments: 1 (read/write)

Worth: 1 EXP

Features: Clumsy, Not-so-good graphics. (complain/suggest)

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