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W3W by Eleison, EhLeakSeer

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Type: WxW Shopper
Size: 2016 x 776, 139KB

Tags: good sublime wonderful humble



K, i know what u think : strange looking map_ prolly too small to rope good, well lemme tell u yu'r wrong. 1st it's very good looking, 2nd very fun to rope if u r not a complete noob (& even then u could learn stuff from it !)... anyway dont just take my word for it & go ahed, try it ! u won't regret !
Ps: except if u r like this dude i met while tryin the map first :
"dude : map sux dude
me: maybe u do man
*dude disconnected from game"
hahaha I'D

Added on: 25th February 2010, 01:16
Downloads: 128

Comments: 7 (read/write)

Worth: 4 EXP

Features: Not-so-good graphics, Original, Sprites. (complain/suggest)