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Surf WxW - Play ball! by Ponty

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Type: Surf Shopper
Size: 2840 x 840, 140KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: surf wxw ronisaurus ponty anime ball play masamune




wxw, sba, cba, afr, abl/ktl [optional], sfs [attack Shores only From a Surf]

This map is a remix version of my first color surf fly map, this time with a wxw feature. The map was originally designed for TS and 60 seconds, so to play it, don't forget to type /ts in the lobby and set the round length to 60 seconds. If played with rubberworm, antisink can improve the gameplay for beginners.

I want to emphasize, that i made the first surf shopper so i can do what ever i like to surf games :) it's copyrighted at Sony entarteynment (R) and i am making $5000 a week from lending them the rights to use it in advertisements.... okay maybe only in my dreams ^^

However i truly made the first surf shopper map [#4504]. Therefore i made a new rule back when i made my first TS surf/fly map [#8444], which most players and mapmakers didn't seem to give a damn about, and that rule [sfs] is to balance the gameplay by making it harder to plop worms on the bottom left and right platforms [shores].

If this rule was known by all players when other surf maps started to appear on and in the AG lobby of WA, this scheme could've gone competitive. It's that balanced. Don't take it the wrong way all you other surf makers; the differing versions that some of you made were excellent pieces, but they served different ends, so the surf/surf-hybrid shoppers came to be known as schemes with a funner-only attitude. I'm not ranting here to make surfs competitive, however i want to state my original intentions for this scheme and that's all there is to it!

Enjoy the water! ^^

Added on: 5th January 2010, 03:18
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Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Remix, Good graphics, Themed, Adult. (complain/suggest)