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CheetahMidnightTower by Cheetah

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Type: Tower Race
Size: 4800 x 24000, 1426KB

Tags: Cheetah, Midnight, Tower, Hard, Batty, Difficult


 6.00 (1)
 7.00 (1)
 7.00 (1)

Difficult as rated by players: 7/10 "Very Difficult"

This map is the first of my maps not to use MS Paint in any shape or form. As a result this is my first non-cartoony map, but it's still quite a striking looker! The art style I used is experimental and the map itself is quite tricky in places. It's not enough to be fast, the map is intricately designed to test different roping techniques, such as flies, scaling and rolls. I highly recommend you use batty on this map unless you are very good.

This is also the first map where I you can fall from the top to the bottom, yet the map is very closed in. A design trick I hope to use in future maps.

This map will be included in CheetahMegaMapPackV3 when I release it.

Added on: 3rd November 2009, 05:35
Downloads: 5721

Comments: 5 (read/write)

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Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics. (complain/suggest)