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Boom for Weapons (Race) by FoxHound

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 2784 x 696, 56KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: RubberWorm, WfW, Anti Sink, BfW, Surf, AntiSink



Play with the scheme above.

BfW is a mode that I created. You cannot walk! It is a mixture of Walk for Weapons with Boom Race! A race that you must use the weapons that you are touching! Read the full article about this scheme here.

Anti Sink, Glue, Multishot, fdpt and ldet are ON.


Game manual

The set of rules marked with an * is a suggestion for competitions.

Mandatory rules
STF (Start to Finish)* - Players must place their worm at the start and reach the finish.
Use the pictured weapon/tool you are standing on* - Players must use the weapon represented by the picture their active worm is standing on. When the worm is between two weapon sprites, the player will be able to choose one of the weapons to advance the race.
Determine Shotgun's Second Shot if at a Different Weapon* - Players need to determine what they are going to do with the second shot of the Shotgun if they stay at a different weapon before playing. There are two possibilities (below). The priority is if the map mentions something about it, if not, they must choose one. If they don't reach a consensus, they should choose the recommended traditional one.
~> Progression Allowed* - Players may shoot the second shot to progress even standing on a different weapon sprite (tradicionally applied since the first map)
~> Progression Not Allowed - Players must not use the second shot to progress if standing on a different weapon area. The shot must be spent in a way the worm does not move from where it is.

Optional rules
Save State* - As if the game were being played on an emulator, players can use the "Save State" feature if they fall into a place that they have already passed, teleporting or moving back to the most advanced part they have been to.
~> Freely - Players are allowed use "Save State" whenever they want.
~> Situational - Players may use "Sava State" only if they fall into a very distant place. Usually players should reach an agreement, since this is subjective. The player in this setback situation should request the use of "Save State".
~> After a Number of Turns* - Players may use "Save State" only if they don't reach where they were in a stablished number of turns. Suggestion: maybe after 2 or 3 turns? The player in this setback situation should request the use of "Save State".
Position Adjustment* - Players are allowed to adjust the position of a worm a few pixels with the Jet Pack or other weapon (keeping the worm on the same sprite, without moving to a different weapon) if it is very bad positioned and (pratically) stuck at a weapon sprite area (usually at its edge).
~> Freely - Players are allowed to use "Position Adjustment" whenever they want.
~> After One Turn* - Players are allowed to use "Position Adjustment" only if they get stuck for one whole turn at the same weapon sprite spot. The player in this setback situation should request the use of "Position Adjustment".

The first player to blast his/her own worm using the determined weapons on the map and reach the finish will be the winner.

Special thanks to sbs for all the maps and the support for this scheme all these years. I also apreciate DanielXdx, xyz and nelson-01 map contributions for this scheme.

Added on: 6th October 2009, 03:41
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