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Latest announcement: In recent times, several users could not upload maps. This was because of a problem when handling map submissions from IPv6 addresses; but it has been fixed and everyone should be able to upload regularly from now on!

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21st August 2010, 21:35

hey what about the scheme? where to get?
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21st August 2010, 20:46

yep i agree with cheetah. but then again it's just the host's job to tell "no silly shortcuts" and most smart people know which way to go. i really didn't like the mazes. not ...
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5th August 2010, 14:16

texture doesn't rly matter to roping, as long the edges are clearly visible (not black or close to black). just choose a not so in ur face texture, something relaxin to look at ;)
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21st June 2010, 22:56

love the map. except the 2 later pixel parts is kinda pushing it. makes me wanna call it pixel tower. anyway it's challenging enough, but not overly difficult. thanks for the nice job guys. gue...
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4th November 2009, 00:29

thx for uppin the maps on wmdb. i missed couple ones earlier but now have them all i guess, thx again
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