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Serving retro OS Windows systems, creating and editing mini-data for games (maps, decorations, installing spawns, etc.). A lover of emulators for consoles, Nes, Snes, Gens, Sega Dreamcast, PS1, PS2. By PC - Quake 1 DarkPalaces (Quark.exe - editor, i use & create more), Worms Armageddon (1999 v3. For PC Only, Doom 1,2, THT, Final Doom, Blood 1, Heretic 1 Shadow .... HD, RTS: More C&C, Dune 2/2000 / KKND1 / 2. StarCraft II, HOTS. From Software - I use not only for maintenance, but for myself, unfortunately, almost nothing new and interesting
they create, mainly for new systems, of course I don’t like games, retro has always been from games for sure, the best, they won’t create this anymore, because everything depends on the creator and the effect of capturing the game, on effects, sounds, animation, balance, Other effects, Worms Armageddon - generally a record holder. A lot of sound effects and voiceover of worms in different languages. Rarity is great for games, especially for retro. And so many years later it has already passed, prices have risen, it has become harder to survive, I don’t even know what will happen in the future, so the last thing I can hope for in the form of entertainment is retro, new games are no longer exciting, despite they’ve got a lot of work from developers, so many are sitting in MOBA, RTS, Action 1st, retro for one player or Online, few now play.


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