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23rd June 2019, 14:19

took a break but now i'm back.. even though i have much less time on my hands nowdays:P
Downloads: 98
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Features: Good graphics, Unimaginative

8th August 2011, 14:04

:) t
Downloads: 134
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Features: Good graphics, Unimaginative

7th August 2011, 12:44

ty ;)
Downloads: 2397
Comments: 15 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Themed

9th August 2011, 19:11

:P ty bear.. and i'll watch the movie ;)
Downloads: 175
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Features: Unimaginative

25th July 2011, 11:12

Downloads: 2372
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24th July 2011, 11:50

ty bear ty donmega i also like ur maps.. im not often in wormnet and i use the nick pmt'Brudi
Downloads: 5822
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21st July 2011, 11:39

noob eliminator is a spot where noob players die, so it is for sorting out good players in the match ty very much DrShakalu and nati
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10th January 2010, 01:09

a naBBo... gj :P
Downloads: 101
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Features: Private

10th January 2010, 20:03

whats the matter guys.. its called art freedom no one dies if theres adolf on this map.. if you dont like it just don't fucking download it ok.. now stop it pls
Downloads: 428
Comments: 11 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics

1st November 2009, 21:59

yea i use adobe illustrator
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