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Downloads: 391
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: None

15th June 2005, 13:24

Challenging indeed :D
Downloads: 3932
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Original, Tight, Sprites

5th June 2005, 18:22

Downloads: 4901
Comments: 12 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original, Tight, Themed, Sprites

23rd April 2005, 14:00

This map reminds me why FF is my favourite RR maker! ;) Because the world wouldn't be the same if all RR maps were made from grids and lines.
Downloads: 750
Comments: 5 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate, Good graphics

23rd April 2005, 13:55

Welcome back MadHatter! ;)
Downloads: 451
Comments: 6 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Original, Open

8th April 2005, 07:02

cute :D
Downloads: 271
Comments: 7 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Themed

5th April 2005, 15:38

You are a terribly lame spammer. Cartman's boombox is the ultimate prize.
Downloads: 427
Comments: 6 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Not-so-good graphics

29th March 2005, 04:13

Pfft the moon landing definitely happened Charly. I saw that documentary about the conspiracy and it was a bunch of bull**** :P
Downloads: 2648
Comments: 10 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Themed, Sprites

16th March 2005, 07:00

Looks funtastic! What does the 32 mean?
Downloads: 1583
Comments: 9 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Themed, Sprites

12th March 2005, 23:12

I wanna see you guys use my tile set!
Downloads: 334
Comments: 9 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Good graphics

11th March 2005, 04:53

The only problem with Jehuty's program at the moment is that it makes the maps the wrong size, but that's not hard to fix once you've made your map. If his program doesn't work at all for you, may...
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