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Downloads: 1187
Comments: 1 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Themed, Sprites

21st April 2004, 10:04

Downloads: 847
Comments: 7 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics

14th June 2004, 07:25

people who hide behind Anonymous aren't worth shit, too bad you wasted your time typing
Downloads: 17310
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original

30th March 2004, 10:08

Ooh this one's cool =P
Downloads: 2982
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original

26th March 2004, 04:02

Thanks! You don't have to do any inflexes on the terrain but you can if you like, I guess you figured that out already. =)
Downloads: 19308
Comments: 13 (read/write)
Features: Elaborate, Good graphics

24th March 2004, 04:35

Cool, not a bad terrain at all :D
Downloads: 1186
Comments: 9 (read/write)
Features: Clumsy, Not-so-good graphics, Unimaginative, Adult

14th June 2004, 07:18

cut and pasting takes effort though :o
Downloads: 17113
Comments: 2 (read/write)
Features: Good graphics, Original, Tight, Themed, Sprites

20th March 2004, 03:07

These maps are very cool and original, great! :D
Downloads: 1065
Comments: 3 (read/write)
Features: Original

19th March 2004, 07:27

Omg I love the funny hat cat but what happened to my comment? hotButta is making great contribution to the worms community here
Downloads: 1305
Comments: 4 (read/write)
Features: Original

19th March 2004, 07:25

I like this one but where's dessert? Feel free to make me a map of ice cream, apple pie, chocolate eclairs, ice cream, chocolate mousse, and ice cream!
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