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Fort Conquering by XuLiz

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Type: Fort
Size: 2000 x 800, 214KB

WSC file: Download




I changed the Scheme so please download the new version.
Also changed some parts of the Map.
Please download the updatet version of the map and the scheme!

Hey guys...
This time i present a new fort game scheme.
Its easy if you get how it works^^


1. Use Girderpacks to build your fort in the first 2 turns
2. Dont build any girder beyond the your half of the map (Exactly in the mid. is also not allowed)
3. Dont atk. or move your worms in the first 2 turn
4. Place your worms in between your start-girders of your fort.
5. CONQUERING: If there are more ENEMY WORMS (as exampel you are red, the enemy is blue) in your fort than you have in your fort you lose by have been conquert.
The Worms placed as map-sprites count also as worms.
As Example: In have 1 worm you controle in your fort and 2 sprite worms, and your enemy has 2 worms in your fort, you dont lose.
Fishing of crates is allowed!

The rules are also writen down on the map in a short format.

Use this scheme! Or try to make your own.
Remember the delay time !!

Have fun and enjoy this tactical fort scheme.

P.S.: If you guys like this "small" map. I will make more. You also can make more of it, if you want to :D

Added on: 30th July 2009, 21:21
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