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Bungee Shopper by Shadey

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Type: Bungee Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 17KB

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Blue map. There is a pissed off guy in the center, don't mind him.
Funky fresh bungee shop footage

-the same shopper rules apply just changing the afr rule to afb (or attacking in midair from a bungee fly)
-try not to block the stairs or jumps, you can ruin a jump or restrict access to another usually resulting in a poor little worm being trapped (batty ropes applies too since it ruins the jump)
-If you're playing a game with over 2 players it's best to set 2 worms on each team or else the game could go on for over 20-30 minutes depending on the map and/or bungee skillz
-You have infinite fast walks so please stop walking so slow D:
MOST IMPORTANTLY: USE TEST STUFF, you won't be doing much of anything without it, assuming you are doing anything at all!
MORE IMPORTANTLY: BE STYLISH, plopping yourself from a fly results in an immediate moral victory, remember this.

Added on: 2nd April 2009, 23:35
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