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Bricks ctf by doubletime

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Type: Capture the Flag
Size: 1920 x 768, 37KB



This is my last map. not finished but playable. i will retire from worms forever and never. ever return. Goodbye you will never ever se me again and ops.
I did fake NNNXBYTOR HB and all the other NNNers 8most of them)

I did not fake dropp even once in worms

I registered several fake acounts in some WO tourney and faked modd to make some players play fake round.

This will get me banned from WO. but i do not care. Since i will never ever do anything to worms again
(btw Bytor last time i faked you was 4 months ago and only 4 times. There are atleast 2 ag fakers.) And the faker on the NNNL forums conversation to wriggler. was not me

Added on: 15th July 2008, 23:36
Downloads: 599

Comments: 16 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

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