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Raised Standard Series W3W (v2017.03) by doben

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Type: WxW Shopper
Size: 1920 x 696, 88KB

Tags: innovate, rss, tournament


 7.00 (4)
 7.00 (4)
 6.25 (4)

*** NEW *** Tournament Edition now available - no plops, less hides! Grab it here: #13578 *** NEW ***

This is the first map of the Raised Standard Series for everyone, who is fed up with the middle-class-map-spam.
The map uses a simple and linear, but inventive layout. The graphics are on a familiar high level.

Herewith i call out to every mapper out there, to put more time into their works - quality over quantity!

File edit on: 26th April 2009, 05:15
Now matches the other RSS maps regarding hide height (+1 pixel), wall height (-2 pixels) and map's distance from the water (-4 pixels).
Changed signature style to make the new version more recognizable versus the original one.
Removed the drop shadow from the map's name tag.

File edit on: 11th December 2009, 19:57
Changed one hide's position, the font of the url and the map's name.
Added Tournament Edition.

File edit on: 23rd March 2017, replaced outdated iX URL with wmdb ID, using a different font

Added on: 12th December 2007, 17:36
Downloads: 5526

Comments: 17 (read/write)

Favorites: This map is on the favorites list of 4 users.

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Good graphics. (complain/suggest)