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DRIVOUFLAGE DRIVEBY fix by breedybag

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Type: Wascar
Size: 1920 x 712, 25KB

Tags: innovate



[fixed] Have fun in the third part of my X-ouflage series - this time a drive-by! The map has pretty much everything the casual roper wants - smooth passages, alot of arch opportunities, a HUGE (but not the easiest) dragon opportunity (see top right corridor), one really tight tunnel, and most importantly - multiple laps! So feel free to play this as a multilap-ttrr (start at any checkpoint, rope the best 1,2, or 3 laps) or as a good old fashioned wascar. The map was designed specially for the drive-by shopper scheme, and there are loads of hides and some evil plops/map-exits - of course this is a cavern map, which is part of what helped me come up with the theme for this map, hehe.. If you're a decent roper 30 secs is probably fine, otherwise stick to 45. HAVE FUN! ....... 64 colours ....... cavern map

Added on: 24th November 2007, 21:15
Downloads: 397

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Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Original. (complain/suggest)

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