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Snorkel by sbs

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 1896 x 2808, 814KB

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Resuming some unfinished stuff...

Playing "Stargate Pool" #22255 in the past (using Gravity 0) the idea of a race with those same physics came up... because the last remaining worms used to shoot themselves in order to pass through the holes and win the game. A potential plan was: "It would be interesting to see this self-booming in an entire Zero Gravity Boom Race scheme"...

Later on, "Space Race" showed up, but with a slightly different approach: the worms get glued to the terrain and they ended up using just Bazooka for the blasts.

In the meantime, a new project was unfolding... I called it: "Underwater Race" there. (Seriously, it is interesting how the deep space and the depths of the waters look alike with this "floating" effect caused by Gravity 0.)

So, a proper submarine construction started those days and, today, we can see it completed in this new map. It turned out to be a perfect place to do some "Snorkel" around, hence the rename.

Rule: STF (Start to Finish).

Worms used: 1.

Duration: 5 ~ 10 mins. each player.

Weapons: It is possible to include a lot of explosive stuff, but I keeped just a few. If you want to try others, keep in mind the physics that makes most of them "float" in a different behaviour.

Advanced Options:

Gravity 0.0 in balance with Air Viscosity and RW Bounciness — — to create the scuba-diving sensation and, at the same time, preventing the worms from being attached to every surface they touch.

FDPT // LDET // SDET // Auto End-of-Turn retreat — — for a smooth multishooting race.

RW Anti-Lock aim — — the original reaim feature. Unlike the other 3.8 option for random anti-lock, this one resets the angle to 0º in every turn... Spoiler: You wil need it in the final part of this game!

Fuseex — — making the instant explosions possible by setting grenades timer to 0.

Phased Worms (W+W+D) — — it became a classic in Boom Races.

Anti-sink — — required to make the ending work.

Special Ending: Combining some features, it is posible to divide this race in 2 parts: the visible and the deductible.

Part 1: After a typical journey through the map, a new experience is going to test your brain...

The Part 2 involves to get into the deepest location of the ocean, "The Mariana Trench". You won't be able to see your worm for a while.
You will have to guide him out of the visible area of the screen, above the roof and beyond the solid terrain, using the pointing arrow that shows his distance and calcullating each move with that.
The finish awaits in the other corner, when you complete 1 lap around the invisible area.
Would your diving suit last that long?

Added on: 20th August 2022, 05:32
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