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Digger Race vs. Minefield by sbs

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 4416 x 1944, 1130KB

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Tags: duel of schemes, digger race, digrace, minefield


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The 6th DUEL OF SCHEMES (it's been a while).

Now what? 2 Race/Survival modes combined and adapted for 3.8 functions.

It's for 2 players, 1 vs. 1, with 2 worms each.


1 worm takes the DIGGER RACE side —the map from the top— starting at one of the 2 ends of it (left or right).

The 2nd worm goes in the MINEFIELD part —the map below— in the same side of his ally.

These worms begin to run from their side to the center → → FINISH ← ←
There's a big tunnel leading to the bottom. Both worms must sink there to win.


There are absolutely zero rules of engagement. Besides following the instructions about proper placements and routes, everything else is allowed... even locking up others using girders.

Originally, direct attacks are forbidden in this kind of schemes, but there's no way to do harm due to the Phased Worms (Enemies) feature.
It happens the same with the "no roofing" rule for Minefield, it's not necessary in this case.

More new 3.8 features has been used:

Block roofing
This is one of the "override glitches" option that fits perfect here.

Improved Anti-lock Aim
In every turn, the aim changes to an angle distinct from the last used one. Slight better than the older "reaim" feature, which always resets the angle to 0º.

Some other stuff previously mentioned:

sdet ··· Automatic end-of-turn retreat ··· fdpt ··· Phased Worms (Enemies) ··· swat ··· Worm selection doesn't end Hot Seat ··· Sudden Death disables Worm Select (Off) ··· Anti-lock Power ··· Health crates cure collecting worm only


Be careful with your movements at the beginning, the HP is just 50... 2 explosions and you're out of the game. A Health Crate might add others 50 to the collector.

Take a look at the inventory, think about it. Make good use of the strongest and limited weapons/resources at your disposal. Otherwise, you'll do nothing but waste them.

Added on: 10th March 2021, 10:14
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