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Trick Race - For Cup Tus One by eXzo

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Type: Trick Race
Size: 7376 x 2608, 605KB

Tags: Tricks, Race




You did not ask yourself why on all the maps of the Trick Race, all the players move in the same direction ??? I am, too, xD.
But now everything will be new, with new maps that I will draw specifically for cups. Who will be held every 2-3 months (if people will play) ... But no, then fuck the worms and TUS... aaajjaajaja

So join the Trick Race Cup, following the link below.

On this map, two starts are made, for the red and blue. One player moves to the left, the other to the right. The number of tricks and combinations is reduced to 10 (for each), the complexity of the map is average.


Take part in the cup -
Promo Trailer -
Video Tutorial -

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Added on: 20th July 2019, 05:01
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