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RubberWorm & HostingBuddy by sbs

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 2312 x 920, 468KB



Who said that Rubberworm and HostingBuddy were incompatible enemies and that there was no way to customize a game with its features? Well, to their surprise, this could always be done... with some limitations, of course, but it's possible after all.
HB valid values for the settings are 0-5. If that restriction is removed in the future, then many more RW features would be available.

So here I am sharing a list of the 18 Rubber features currently available with HB, as well as the commands you need to type to activate them. You could use the pictures on this map to recognize them more easily.
Then, to check which functions are activated, the command is /showme (or finally /show to share with others how your RW settings were).
I hope this serves you to experience the magic of Rubberworm in a fuller way. Some examples: add nopause to prevent endless shooting, antisink for those who hate plops, reaim to BnG games, Boom Races with multishot, shoppers with more than 1 crate each turn, and the list goes on...


¿Quién dijo que Rubberworm y HostingBuddy eran incompatibles enemigos y que no había forma de personalizar una partida con sus funciones? Pues, para su sorpresa, esto siempre se pudo hacer... con algunas limitaciones, desde luego, pero es posible al fin y al cabo.
Los valores válidos de HB para los ajustes son 0-5. Si esa restricción se suprime en el futuro, entonces muchas más funciones de RW estarían a disposición.

Así que acá estoy compartiendo una lista de las 18 funciones de Rubber actualmente disponibles con HB, así como también los comandos que hay que escribir para activarlas. Podrías valerte de los dibujos de este mapa para reconocerlas más fácilmente.
Luego, para ir chequeando qué funciones se activan, el comando es /showme (o finalmente /show para compartir con los demás cómo quedaron tus ajustes de RW).
Espero que esto te sirva para experimentar la magia de Rubberworm de una manera más plena. Algunos ejemplos: agregar nopause para prevenir disparos sin fin, antisink para los que odian los plops, reaim a partidas de BnG, Boom Race con multidisparos, Shoppers con más de 1 caja en cada turno, y la lista sigue...


••• sdet ••• ldet ••• fdpt •••
!crate mole squad 一 short: !crate sq
1 > sdet // multishot
2 > ldet // stoicworm (Loss of control doesn't end turn)
3 > sdet + ldet
4 > fdpt // nopause (Fire doesn't pause timer)
5 > sdet + fdpt

••• reaim ••• cira ••• alp •••
!crate earthquake 一 short: !crate e
1 > reaim (Auto reaiming at the beginning of the turn)
2 > cira (Circular aiming 360º)
3 > reaim + cira
4 > alp (Antilock power when shooting from the ground)
5 > reaim + alp

••• flames •••
(Amount of flames that may be on the map)
!crate scales of justice 一 short: !crate sc // !crate ju
1 > flames (100) = x2.5 petrols
2 > flames (200) = x5 petrols (default)
3 > flames (300) = x7.5 petrols
4 > flames (400) = x10 petrols
5 > flames (500) = x12.5 petrols

••• craterate-cratecount •••
(Number of crates that appear each turn + keeping a record of the collected crates)
!crate indian nuclear test 一 short: !crate nu // !crate ind // !crate tes
1 > cratecount (craterate 1 = default)
2-5 > craterate 2-5 + cratecount

••• cratelimit •••
(Max number of coexisting crates on the map)
!crate patsy's magic bullet 一 short: !crate pat // !crate mag // !crate bul
1-5 > cratelimit 1-5 (5 = default)

••• antisink •••
!crate french sheep strike 一 short: !crate fren
1-5 > antisink (Antiplop)

••• glue •••
!crate salvation army 一 short: !crate sa
1-5 > friction 1-5 // glue (Sticky floor when falling)

••• swat •••
!crate mb bomb 一 short: !crate mb
1,3,5 > swat (Select worm anytime during the turn)

••• knock •••
!crate super banana bomb 一 short: !crate super b
1-5 > knock 1-5 (No rope or bungee knocking on worms)

••• speed •••
!crate mine strike 1-5 一 short: !crate mine
1-5 > speed 1-5 (Sluggish bungee and ninja rope)

••• rubber •••
(Worms bouncing without loss of control or fall damage from rope // continuous roping. Low values = no bounce, sticky walls)
!crate armageddon 一 short: !crate ar
1,2 > rubber 0%
3-5 > rubber 1%

••• wind •••
(Wind influence on objects and worms. Low values = slight response)
!crate suicide bomber 一 short: !crate sui
1,2 > windy 0% (2: not worms)
3-5 > windy 1% (4: not worms)

••• viscosity •••
(How quickly objects or worms lose speed when flying. Low values = slight response)
!crate concrete donkey 一 short: !crate do // !crate con
1,2 > viscosity 0% (2: not worms)
3-5 > viscosity 1% (4: not worms)

••• gravity •••
(Low values = low gravity, big jumps. The lower the value, the higher the jump)
!crate mail strike 一 short: !crate mai
1,2 > gravity *0.1, gravity *0.2 (respectively)
3,4 > gravity *0.3
5 > gravity *0.4

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