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Construction Site by Armani

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Type: Shopper
Size: 2120 x 3000, 395KB

Tags: armani, construction site, shopper, drawn, complex



This map might look weird, but it's actually a normal shopper map resting on some very thick supporting structures. I wanted the map to feel like a real construction site so I made it really tall (and hopefully free of bugs).

I've spent the last few days on this map, and I think it turned out pretty okay. I'm new at drawing, and I had a hard time making this. Learning about the 112 color limit was a shock, and I had to remake the map to suit it. There are still a lot of missing colors, but it's nothing too big.

I hope you enjoy it! This will hopefully be the first of many maps.

PS: I know the hanging saw makes no sense, but I really wanted the teeth to be climbable.

Added on: 21st March 2016, 20:26
Downloads: 581

Comments: 6 (read/write)

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Good graphics. (complain/suggest)