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siscx2_CDS_Dive by bock, xuliz

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 24000 x 2048, 1914KB


 9.25 (4)
 8.25 (4)
 9.33 (3)

CDS - i forgot what i meant with that. Enjoy anyway.
BEWARE - Its been said this Map might make you dizzy and / or see optical illusions = If somebody gets dizzy or something please write a comment so that i can change whatever couses the dizzyness / illusions. ! ty beforhand.
Again, somebody was testing this - but my replays are gone sry >_>

Fyi - in case you were wondering Sisc is my meaning for "sidescroll" wich i categorized this map for myself.
In this case its siscx2 - means doubled the height. (x2)

Added on: 26th July 2015, 11:38
Downloads: 722

Comments: 2 (read/write)

Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Good graphics. (complain/suggest)

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