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MNP - Derelict by Mnp

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Type: Fort
Size: 4800 x 2872, 346KB

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 10.00 (8)
 9.88 (8)
 10.00 (8)

This level is the next in the line of MnP fort-style maps. It was originally started in 2011, but a variety of delays meant that it would not see the light of day until 2015. Designed with the fort mentality in mind, players will be able to find defensive positions in the various parts of the now derelict ship. Should you be brave enough to face the hard coldness of space, you could try your roping or jumping skills to attempt to traverse the shattered connecting shaft. But one wrong step and it's the vacuum of space for you! Incidentally, this map was NOT inspired by the film: Gravity. ;)

Added on: 20th February 2015, 17:36
Downloads: 583

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Worth: 9 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original. (complain/suggest)